SRC on AAF/OMF import

Hi guys,

I’m struggling with AAFs that have files with different samplerates (for example 44100 and 48000)
After importing and converting in Pool those who had different samplerate than set in project, are not in position, especially if editor made some cuts in those files.
How do you guys manage it?
Shouldn’t AAF import have SRC as in Protools?
Or maybe I’m missing some easy way to do it.
The obvious solution is to ask editor to match samplerates when exporting aaf file but it’s not always possible.
My workaround is to use PT as AAF to AAF with SRC converter.

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Only thing I can think of is trying to import twice; once into a 44.1k project and once in to a 48k project. Then delete whatever is off in the respective projects and do a track import from one to the other of what’s left.

Maybe that’ll work.

Fu*%£ FCPx

sorry mate, don’t blame other software if “nuendo” just didn’t make it right.

Oh, and this is a real big big issue in any NLE! You can have mix timelines with 44.1k nd 48k orven higher ones in avid mediac composer, or davinci, or pemiere as well.
It all comes down to editors how just give a fuck, because they are lazy or untrained!
I still have protools around for these kind of problems, just to be able to fix it!

it is a shame to not been abel to do a simple SRC during the import!

Check your preference settings.
import audio settings.png

Thx but no :wink: !

This has nothing to do with aaf/omf at all.
Please read before post.

SCR on AAF import is crucial !

I agree that it would be nice to have the SCR option on AAF import when needed.
AATranlater will do it if you need a work around. (according to it’s settings)

I refuse to accept the idea that all others need to fix the problems that one person causes by his/her lack of skills.
It NEVER has been “normal”, accapted or considered correct workflow to have mixed samplerates within one project.
I can tell you that having mixed samplerates within one project will cause many other porblems that incorrect import in other applications.


Man, i’m in that business for over 15 years now - you don’t need to tell me :slight_smile:!
You are right - others do make mistakes and we don’t have to accept it!
But, part of my daliy work is to fix others failiures. Hence bad recored audio on set and so on…

So - everything that helps me to fix problems is considered a good thing by me - everything that doesn’t is considered as “not well disigned” :wink:
all good? … cool :slight_smile:!

so, just give us a simple damn SRC on that import and stop bullying ppl who just want “usual” stuff :wink:
Actually, why are you agianst someting that just helps and don’t harm anyone?
If you always got perfect aafs/omfs, well good for you - i really don’t so pls…

Two reasons.

  1. I really don’t want Steinberg -or any other company- to waste money and time to fix someone else’s mistake.
    Or better: fix their “we don’t give a sh@#” attitude.
  2. It sends out the wrong message. If all DAW’s (or anyone else) fix the “we don’t give a sh@#” attitude of others, then they won’t even care less about doing things the right and proper way, and will start relying on the others for fixing their problems.

A good example is the (non-existing) AAF export out of FXPx. A third party had to build a tool for it.
Problem solved you think. That is until you need the metadata from within the audiofiles.
And that is NOT fixable by anyone else but FCPx.

I can see the use of having SRC upon AAF import. I have no problem with that.
But that doesn’t solve the the problem when someone used MIXED Sample Rates within a project.

We fix our AAF/OMF and other exhange protocol-problems with AA Translator. That was a $199 well spend.
That is also worth $199 of new/better/improved features within Nuendo that can be used by everyone.

Just my very perosnal 2 cents.

Hey man - sure! You are right!
Just, i got so much stuff that is done by untrained ppl, it would be nice to have a tool inside nuendo to help me fix stuff :wink:!

We use AATranslate as well - several years now. Even at times i was a die hard PT user :wink:!

latelly i got an Avid Mediacomposer AAF from a Timelie with a 96kHz 7.1 Mix in it as well as new edited stuff shot in 48kHz.
The editor didn’t had the 7.2 Mix in 48kHz (don’t ask me why)… So, i got a mixed TL.
I asked him to do a SRC during export of the AAF (avid can do i - thank god!)
But i would rather liked to do it at my place during the import and make sure it was done a proper way…
so yes, a SRC on the INPUT is crutial for me :wink:

all the best …

thank guys,

so the problem exist and I can only hope SRC on AAF import will be released one day.
will continue to use PT as aaf translator - it’s advantage over AATranslator is, you can have a quick look at the timeline and check if everything is ok before export to Nuendo.
Fredo, I wish I had only properly exported AAFs from NLE but in my world it only happens 90% of a time and sometimes there’s simply not enough time to ask for another export with SRC.