SSD - disable superfetch

Hi there. Getting conflicting info on this around the web. Can anyone clarify?

I’ve cloned a HDD to a Crucial M4 SSD. It’s properly aligned, Trim enabled.

However, superfetch and prefetch are still enabled. Should I disable them ? If so, services or reg tweak…or both?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

They may be enabled, but if you have no HDDs in your system, they may never be invoked.

We have all SSDs, so I turned those services off so that they would never get engaged if I temporarely connected a HDD.

Thanks :slight_smile: I have HDDs in my system too…

Superfetch and prefetch should be disabled on a DAW.

They take up memory that your DAW software could use.

Excuse me, if I have misunderstood how Superfetch and Prefetch work, but what I’ve read their memory handling is just like disk caches: they only use otherwise unallocated memory and if any application needs this memory, it is freed for application use immediately.

In that case there is no need to disable them on a DAW (or any other computer).

Please feel free to educate me, if I don’t understand something.


For some odd reason I though I had seen it in an article on “Optimizing Windows for DAW”.
Instead, I think, it was a “What can you now turn off with a SSD installed”.

I guess I’m wrong… :blush:

I’ve seen it, too. And seen articles, which has explained, why it doesn’t make any difference. I can’t tel you The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth, but articles I’ve seen about leaving these on has at least had more technical backround on them, so I prefer to believe them … unless there’s some evidence agains them.

That’s why I’m asking anyone to educate me, if my view about the topic is flawed.