SSD doesn't seem to be faster loading samples.

Just got an SSD drive to hold selected Kontakt samples that I’d like to load faster. But my large orchestral project using VE Pro 5 (on same computer) seems to load just as slow as when they were on a 4 TB WD Black hard drive. Any ideas why it’s not faster? What I did:

I saved each one of my Kontakt Multis on the SSD, loaded these presets into Kontakt, then did a “save as” so THEORETICALLY Kontakt is now loading these samples off of the SSD drive.

Some thoughts: I have a large Kontakt library collection and I know the database can really slow Kontakt down. Should I stop using this database?

I still left the original samples on my 4TB WD hard drive. Could Kontakt somehow still be looking there for the samples? Though I don’t think so since I saved the Multis as “self contained,” copying the samples from the HD to the SSD.

Any ways to check what’s what?

Aloha S,

Because of the nice pricing I too was checking out the 330 series of SSD’s
for my daughters PC but I could not find any read/write speed info on it
so I had not yet pulled the trigger.

Also, I could not find that info on their 330 ‘support’ site and I even took their survey. ha!
(you may have better luck than me there)

Now that you actually have the drive, what do the read/write specs say?

TIA and Good Luck!

I bought a Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 500GB. Let me know what a good bench mark program and I’ll see what it says.

Here are the numbers I found for your EVO (page 3) but as I said, still could not find this type of info
for the Intel hardware. I’ll keep looking tho’.

Good Luck!

Looked up the specs on my motherboard and I have it hooked up to a Sata 6.0 port, so not sure what the problem is. I’ll do a bench mark and maybe check the bios.

Just to give some info on the new samsung evo 840 series ssd drives. If you google you will find info about the drive preforming porly. Samsung is looking for a solution to the problem. Allot of users have reported that the drive slows down after some use.

There should be a firmware update out now.

I will update and see if it helps. Thanks.

I updated the firmware and got these read/write speeds in MB/s:

WD Black 2TB: 107 67
Crucial SSD (system drive): 156 320
Samsung EVO 840 SSD (Samples): 460 517
WD Black 4TB: 95 93

Tried loading the big orchestral project and it took about the same about of time: 4:40.