SSD Drive which

Hi, I was thinking of getting an ssd drive,to speed up my pc boot time,as it takes almost 5mins to start.
It stays on the “starting windows” srcreen at least 2 mins.
I have disabled startup programs I don’t need running,and done scandisk.
Would a 120gb ssd be good enough?or should I get a bigger capacity ssd?

I have a 120GB SSD for each OS boot drive on my dual-boot system and they are each only about half full.

Before I started using WinDock to specify window layouts, startup times were only a few seconds from the end of POST until the desktop became fully loaded, and are still about three seconds to turn off. With WinDock, for some reason there is a delay of about 20 seconds before it allows the rest of the desktop to show up.

I wonder why mine takes almost 5mins to start up?

I think it’s time for a fresh install. 5min is way too long even with a 5400rpm HD
I have a 250gb SSD that is about halfway full, and I really watch what I install, but the computer also gets used for video and photo. I have a second 250gb SSD only for Cubase projects, and a 4TB 7200rpm drive for storage, including a weekly image backup of the C drive. Samsung makes good SSD’s, they make all the components in-house and are quick to react if a firmware bug is discovered.

do u mean fresh install of windows 7?

You could try cloning your C drive to a SSD first, if it will fit on a SSD?

there is about 600gb of data on the c drive so def cant put on ssd

Wow, I’m using Win XP for my DAW still with a regular 7200 RPM HDD…I haven’t timed it, but it usually takes me about a minute, or two tops to boot up. Only occasionally I get a hang up on boot…you know, where the XP Logo comes up, and it looks washed out and sits there longer than it should. That hasn’t happened in a while though, but when it has, it’s still less than 5 minutes.

Of course I takes some measures, my music machines never get connected to the internet, anything internet & Ethernet disabled, mobo’s audio disabled, selected services disabled etc.

I also make an image with Acronis, in case things go south on my. It takes less than an hour to reformat/reimage…rather than days of reinstalling an OS, programs, drivers etc.

See my system specs below.

Works fantastic. I keep my Boot SSD half full so it depends how many programs your running and your current boot drive size and your future requirements. Rather go for 256 !

Its a PITA to install windows and all your programs (again) but its worth the effort !