SSD free space?

Hi all. How much free space should you leave on an SSD that is used purely for sample playback? There’s no OS on there or any other files just samples…

If you mean space for overprovisioning ? All drives are already over-provisioned, which means the controller won’t expose the whole space to you for partitioning. Consumer drives come with around 7% reserved space that you cannot partition. So if you buy a drive off f.e. 250 gig you will have less than 240 to use.

If it is a samsung: see for info:

Deep dive into the hows and why’s:

Any other brand or other info about SSD’s:

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Thanks for all that info. V interesting - got samung 840 drives. Just wondered how full I can stuff them of samples before the performance suffers but seems like with OP that wont be a problem…

i’ve got an 840 evo and 840 pro stuffed with samples. These are very reliable ssd’s.
And unless you’re very very very harsh leaning on diskreaders you probably will not suffer anytime soon performancewise. :slight_smile:
If you’re just “reading” it from the disk over and over again, there is also few reason for big overprovisioning.
Samsung comes with it’s magician software. They take care of all the maintenance for your ssd so i shouldn’t worry.

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Thanks! Good to know :slight_smile: