SSD & HDD Setup

Sorry. Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. I was meaning my suggestion was more applicable to speeding up streaming than loading, and not a comparison to other suggestions.

Again, it all depends on the price you want to pay. If you’re willing to pay $1,400 for 2tb of SSD, then by all means, go that route. But if you can’t or don’t want to spend more than $400, then a 2tb RAID 0 will get you close to that kind of speed for a fraction of the price. Which was the point of my post. You had no need to antagonize me.

In other words, you were comparing apples to oranges.

You quoted my statement about a known zero-cost way to improve the latency performance of an existing over-capacity HDD, to which you introduced increased costs in the form of RAID, and justified that by making technology comparisons, which had nothing to do with what you quoted from me.

When I pointed out that I did not think my suggestion would really help with the scenario you decided to use it in (in effect, agreeing with your premise), you decided to become the forum jihadist and issue a fatwa against me.

I think that is a bit rich when it is you that is having difficulty walking a discussion in a straight line without slurring your logic!

More insults. Yeah that totally strengthens your case… :unamused:

Thx for the tip !!

Just ordered 2 X 1 TB SSD’s

Will report on performance when up and running ! Will hopefully solve my issues finally

Thank you. At least someone appreciates me! :slight_smile:

See my setup below

Works 100 %

Hi,Im planning on going the SSD route myself pretty soon.Just curious as to what SSD you purchased.Samsung 850 Evo seems to be popping up a lot and seems reasonably priced but im open for suggestion on other types.Cheers

My 2 cents:

  • OS & programs on 250GB SSD, the faster the better.
  • Sample Libraries on SSDs, I just add more mid-sized ones when I need more space… I hate waiting for Superior Drummer to load 8 GB sets with full bleed on, every second counts for me there, comparing sets.
  • I record audio on an Enterprise grade WD RE 2TB HDD, very reliable and plenty fast.
  • And I put general documents and MP3s on a 1TB WD Green (2nd gen), that drive goes to sleep quickly and gets out of the way.


What if I’m using a macbookpro 15’’(late 2014), with only 256gb internal drive, I would definitely need some extra hard drive.

Any recommendations for me?

My current thoughts are OS and DAW installed in internal drive , + external 1tb usb3.0 for samples libraries.

I would expect that, though more expensive, a Thunderbolt SSD would have the most consistent performance and be the least latency way to go.