SSD models


What brand and model of SSD would you recommend for Windows 7 64-bit Pro and Cubase 8 Pro?

As well as installing the o/s on the SSD, would you recommend installing Cubase 8 (programs and content) on the same SSD?


I use an Samsung 850 EVO, widely considered the best bang for the buck device. OS goes there, as well as software. Content and Samples go to a different drive, if you can afford it.


I have the same Evo850 and multiple storage/ sample drives. Its the only way to go.
The SSD changed my life. Everything is so FAST!


In my Cubase PC I have 2xSamsung 840 EVO and 1x Samsung EVO 850
In my server PC I have 1xSamsung 840 EVO + a home made RAID 5 setup with traditional drives.
Three laptops and one Netbook all Samsung Evo 840.

I did experiment with using a Crucial MX SSD in a laptop but the (large) sector size cause a windows authorisation and windows mail problem - so I returned it and carried on with Samsungs as I know they just work.

Seems to be a trend here. Samsung myself.

Samsung 840 Pro

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I have several on all my machines, Transcend, Corsair, Ocz and all have been good. DON’T however get Adata I had 3 go wrong and then they wouldn’t cover the warranty as the supplier went out of business

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Thanks, I had the Samsung 850 Pro in mind - I was thinking 512GB - do you think that size is sufficient?

My current HDD system drive has 268GB in used space

Thanks in advance

It should be plenty. I have a 512GB that I have partitioned into two, 256GB each, with a separate windows installation on each. I also have two, 1TB HDDs that I store all my audio, samples, downloads, etc. Nothing but programs and plugins get installed on the SSD.
Hope that helps.


Samsung 840 here

Thanks, I’m probably going for the Samsung 850 Pro 512GB.

The only other I was considering instead of this was the SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB (SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB review | TechRadar or SanDisk Extreme Pro SSD review: Top performance backed by longest warranty - CNET)

Anyone any experience of this?

Almost all my OCZs have failed in the few years since I got them. I think they were using too many experimental controllers then.

+1 for the Samsungs. Kinston ssdNow V300s are good value, especially the 120GBs for OS drives.

OS and programs can go on the same drive. However, be aware that Cubase installs 10+GB of sample content on the OS drive unless you select a different drive for it then. You can uninstall just the instruments and their libraries, and reinstall, selecting a sample drive as the target for their libraries.