SSD via FW800 performing like a dog :(

SSD performing one third speed of internal 5400 drive?
I’m running Windows 7 via bootcamp on my my Macbook Pro 17" (nothing against Mac OS just my preference).

I’ve just added an external SSD to my system, via firewire 800 cable. I’m almost in tears at the speed test results. It’s just one third of the speeds im getting with my 5400rom internal drive I’m running Cubase music software and was hoping to run big apps and audio data on the SSD but it seems that wont work.

I’m wondering have I forgotten to do something on the set up of the drive? I figured it would just be plug and play and work really fast?

The drive is an OCZ Veretex 2 120 Gb ssd. The FWW enclosure I am using is a Datatale ATS11N

Any help people can offer would be gratefully received, thanks


I’m no expert, but I believe an eSATA connection would be the preferred choice. Google “eSATA vs. Firewire” and you should get an idea about differences of tranfer rates.

I’m not a Mac guy. I think you may need an ExpressCard adapter to run eSATA. Not sure.

::::shakes head::::

putting an SSD on firewire is like buying a corvette and putting a govener on it so it cant go past 35.

also that ssd is rather slow to begin with compared to present fast SSDs

its needs to be on eSata as mentioned or internal.
why the SSD? is this for playing back samples ?

Well thanks very much for that valuable experience. I know much more than I did yesterday!

OK so I’ve opted to install my SSD in the macbook and reformatted it with 10.6.6. Mac OS. (instead of running windows 7). OK so I saw the light in the end :slight_smile:

On the macbook pro, I’ve installed Cubase 6 and all my plugins and I’m totally stunned (in a good way) at the performance. Im running several CPU hungry VST instruments, with only 8% on the CPU meter!! Incredible!

I’ve just ran a hard drive speed test and average is about 255Mbps! OK so I’ve only got about 65Gb left on the drive, however, that’s way plenty for my cubase projects. By the time I need more storage I expect SSD 512Gb drives will have plumetted in price so I’ll upgrade and swap over the drives then. I can easily work with what I have for now, very happy! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice everyone, I really appreciate it.