SSD5 Render issues

Hi all,
Anyone having issue rendering the kits from SSD5? everytime I try to render the midi to audio Cubase 10.5.12 keeps crashing.
I also have to restart my computer everytime as cubase ends up leaving an artifact in the memory and will not run unless I restart?
Very odd behavior indeed version 10 had no such issue?


Could you attach the crash dump file, please?

Mac: macOS Console utility > User Reports folder (or ~user/Library/Logs/Diagnostic Reports).
Win: Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps

I would love to give you a crash dump but it is not leaving one? Just been back on the system a few mins ago and it crashed again when I took SSD5 out of the plugin section,looked in the folder NO crash dump?
Have no idea whats going on.
I have tried addictive drums does the same crashes when rendering.
But last night I just did a straight audio export and it crashed on that too?
If it gives me a crash dump I will stick it up but not getting the dump?


Use Microsoft ProcDump utility to generate the DMP file, please.

Martin there is no dump file in the folder so cant use ProDump there is no file to drop into it?
The Cubase crash dump folder is totally empty


Use ProcDump to generate the DMP file while Cubase freeze, freeze. ProcDump is the software which will generate the DMP file for you.

AH OK cheers will do

I got the dump file but can not read it and I have tried a few programs that say they can read the file but so far nothing will read it?


Upload the file to Dropbox or similar service and paste the link here, please.

Managed to get Cubase to export out multi outs but it exported out only the first part ok then half way through the stems are just white noise?
Very strange behavior. Am going to try and load up the hotfix see what that does

The hotfix didn’t work so tried reinstalling 10.5.12 Cubase now crashes all the time on the project using SSD5 I need a resolve am getting behind with my work.

OK it’s defo a Slate SSD5 issue I have now run a load of tests I reinstalled Cubase and SSD5 with the same results. I then tried Addictive drum and they worked without issue. I am not chatting with the salte team to try and resolve the issue. Hopefully all will be sorted.

SSD hasn’t been updated in over a YEAR, just sayin. Im running it here with no issues BTW


Thank you for the report and sorry for my delay.

I have resolved the dmp file. The crash is in Cubase. I have reported it to Steinberg CAN-27829. But I would need more details, please.

What do you mean by “Rendering”? Do you mean Render in Place or Export Audio Mixdown? What is the settings of the Render in Place or Export Audio Mixdown, please? DO you use MIDI track routed to an Instrument track or to a Rack Instrument? Or do you use an Instrument track?


Hi Martin,
After a lot of experimenting it’s the dissolved parts that are the issue. I was trying to render in place with current settings from the dissolved drum parts which crashed Cubase I also tried just exporting the multi outs from SSD 5 from the dissolved drum parts with the same issue. SSD 5 is inserted on each of the dissolved midi tracks on midi channel 1. The tracks are routed to SSD5 as a instrument in the VST. In the end after speaking with Slate I went back to the original midi drum track which had all the live played midi and exported the multi outs from SSD 5 and it worked fine no crashing.


Thank you for the info. Now the question is, if the issue is on Cubase side (something with the Dissolved Parts) or on SSD5 side (cannot handle the data from multiple tracks?).


Could you share the project (in the state when it is crashing), please?