SSL Controllers - Any Experiences?

I’m looking into running the new SSL UF8 and UC1 as controllers. Have any of you guys tried this setup?

Thanks in advance!

My UF8/UC1 combo arrived a few days ago. I’m just getting it up and running, but so far, so good. I really like the system.

Thanks for your reply! I’m looking forward to hearing your experiences. I’ve just got the UF8 on demo. I’m waiting for stock of the UC1 and when it arrives I’ll be running the same setup.

As you say, so far so good. There are obviously some glaring omissions, but on the whole it’s working well.

I’ve got the UC1 in combination with the CC121 and I absolutely love it. I’m a little jealous of the UF8 but I don’t think I would use most of its features. The UC1 has made my mixing week more efficient and more fun. Works perfectly with Nuendo. Have fun!

Thank you! Thanks for the feedback! I’m really looking forward to testing it out