SSL Duende 5.1.3 plugins crashing CP8.0.40

hi, SSL Duende 5.1.3 plugins crashing CP8.0.40 … once i move them out of plugin folder … opens fine

here are the crash logs i could find … hope these help … 1s & 2nd crash was with both VST and VST3 … 3rd was after removing VST3 … so only VST was left …

i sent this info to Lee Williams at SSL as well …

cheers john
CP8 crash logs SSL duende 5.1.3 plugins VST & (51.6 KB)

I’ve been having issues with their Drum strip plugin, if i have more than one instance, vst2 or vst3 it will crash the project. in the plugin manager i also notice it’s reporting a latency of -1ms which is into time travel territory :astonished: :open_mouth: :laughing: :confused:
I’ve mailed them a couple of times, was told the Duende ‘team’ is essentially one programmer and there will be an update at some point… rather annoying really.

I haven’t tried 5.1.3 yet though as i didn’t know it had be released, will give it a go later and see if it cures my issue.


Just spent about 4 hours with 5.1.3 and so far it seems to have cured my own issue, i remember why i purchased the drum strip in the first place now :sunglasses:
I hope you manage to get your issue sorted quickly John as they’re great plugins!
Oh and thanks for the heads up re 5.1.3 too.