SSL Duende Native causes "bypass all" error "SOLVED"

I have discovered that, after bypassing all plugins, the “un-bypass all” function does not work if one (or more) of the plugins inserted is an SSL Duende Native plugin.(Stereo Bus Comp or X-Comp) I am using Cubase 6.5.1 32bit on W7 Pro 64bit.

Is this just on my system, or does anyone else have the same problem?

The SSL plugins are different with regards to the bypass functionality, but this doesn’t seem right.

Intel Core I5 661, 8 gig ram, asrock mb, Uad2, Powercore pciMkII, ++++

SOLVED, or at least explained. This problem is related to the lacking bypass feature of the VST3 versions of the Duende plugins. The VST2 versions have normal bypass functionality and are otherwise identical. I’ll just use those.

Same here. What is this all about? No bypass on Duende Native VST3, bypass not working on Powercore Plugins.

Is this a plugin problem or does this come from the Cubase side?

Just found this on the SSL site:

“Duende Native VST3 plug-ins Bypass
Why do the VST3 plug-ins not show the Blue Bypass Button?
This button is not needed in VST3 plug-ins therefore is ommited.” (sic!)

Well I use the bypass and therefore need it!

Anyway, this seems to come from the SSL side not from Cubase… :unamused:

I just discovered the same. Strange choice by SSL.
Offcoarse you want to be able to bypass the plugin. When comparing with or without plugin, would be one instance. Sometimes you would even want to automize the bypass. Let’s say, an added effect during a bridge or something. So saying that the bypassknob is not needed is not the “best” statement SSL has made the last months;-)

Granted, for automation there is still the internal bypass option in the plugin.

Anyway, I wrote to SSL and they told me to use the VST2 versions of the plugins if I wanted to use the bypass and that “they are otherwise functionally and sonically identical”.

And wrote again to ask what the advantage of the VST3 versions is, but the answer was: “There is no advantage to the VST3 versions - we include them simply for completeness.”

Interesting. :bulb: