SSL Madixtreme installation problem on new DAW (64bit)


I’ve just upgraded my main DAW.

Old: Q6600, 2gb ram, some harddisks, SSL MadiXtreme64, 2x UAD-1 pci, 1x UAD-2 Solo, 1x UAD-2 Duo, some nvidia fanless graphics card.

New: i7 2600k, 16Gb DDR3 1600, Asus P8P67 mobo, OCZ SSD for os/apps and a storage harddisk, some ATI fanless graphics card and the same sound cards.

Running Windows7 64bit and fully updated. I’ve installed Cubase 6 32bit and 64bit, upgraded to 6.02.

When installing the SSL’s drivers I noticed that there is no more ‘settings’ tab in the device panel (the tab where you adjust clock, sample rate, madi mode,…) and when running Cubase 64bit the application hangs. 32bit runs (haven’t tested if it passes audio, the pc is with me here, not connected to the studio - better have the software and hardware up and running before I close it up and connect it).

I have tried different drivers from SSL and the TRack app shows a card present. Mailed ssl support as well but was hoping someone here either knows this is a bad combo or has a running system?

Thanks and kind regards,


Got a mail from SSL pointing me at their FAQ with the procedure on how to install on 64bit systems…

I’ve followed the instructions on that page before but tried once more:

  • Removed all card from my system except for my graphics card.
  • Reboot and remove SSL driver with the DrvSetup utility.
  • Shutdown and install madixtreme in a new PCIe slot and reboot.
  • W7 64bit starts, recognizes the card and tells me ‘Device functioning properly’. TRack.exe shows the card present.
  • When going in the Device Manager -> SSL devices -> Madixtreme Device I still only get 4 tab pages: General, Driver, Details and resources. (it’s missing the I/O Settings page)
  • C6.02 32bit loads but does not pass audio in the mixer, C6.02 64bit hangs on startup.

    Putting the card back in my old system works flawless.

    Any takers? No one with a 64bit system running this card?

    I have a second DAW with a M-Audio lightbridge - gonna try to install that on my new main DAW so can at least start using it for now lightpiping the audio to my Alphalink.

SSL Madiextreme currently seems to have horrible drivers and a big waste of an investment IMO.

I have SSL Madiextreme 128 and the drivers are horrible and have not been updated since ages. SSL Support is horrible and there is absolutely no support for this card on the latest osx. My SSL Madiextreme 128 has also no resale value and companies like Vintage King will not even buy it back from you. Maybe this could change if we make some noise…

I have move to RME Madiface USB for 64channels. Seems to work fine. Has great drivers and Total Mix for intricate routing possibilities. Great company and I am happy to be a user of their products. Great Drivers and Support as well.

SSL needs to get of their ass and do something about the madiextreme 128… Its not cool that they expect people to still stay on older Os platforms to continue using their products… It should be the other way around…