SSL Native Plug-Ins VST3 - NU10 stalls during start?

Hi all,

I just installed SSL’s latest update of their native plug-in suite (v.6.3), and now NU10’s splash-screen stalls during the VST3-scan phase. Un-installing the SSL update NU10 work again. I just went through this twice, so it’s repeatable. Strangely enough the the VST3 version of the SSL plug-ins work in Reaper cough.

… anybody else experiencing similar issues?

Windows 7 Prof 64bit, Nuendo 10.1

Quick update: VST2-version throws an error, too. 8-/

More info: It seems as I can un-blacklist the VST2 versions manually one by one. No problems further down the line, as it seems.

… can’t do that with the much preferable VST3 versions - the obvious reason being Nuendo stalling during start-up. 8-/

Have you reported this to SSL?

No, I haven’t - due to the fact that the problem happens with NU10 solely. Other hosts are not concerned.

Steinberg - I think perhaps you guys ought to ease up on 3rd party vendor coding restrictions.