SSL Nucleus 2 or Avid S3 for Nuendo.


Im planning to buy a new daw controller to increase my film mixing workflow.
Ive narrowed down to these two choices according to my budget.
Any input on how the S3 performs with the Eucon on Nuendo 7/8?
On one side, I can take advantage of the 2 pres on the Nucleus ( don’t care about the ones on the S3), on the other side, the S3 seems to be a more customisable environment increasing workflow speeds.

Ill appreciate any kind of user input regarding the hardware in question,


no one?

I can’t speak for the S3 or Nuendo, but my Nucleus 2 doesn’t play well with Cubase 9.5 Pro. The default Cubase/Nuendo profile doesn’t do what it says on the tin. I can’t make head nor tail of it really.

I edited the default profile and managed to get it to at least open a VSTi window but that was it. COuldn’t manage to edit any of its parameters.

I can change insert FX but not edit the parameters.

The scribble strips are all laid out in a weird way.

I gave up at that point. Not at all intuitive, which is what a control surface needs to be.

It’s seamless with Logic Pro. Totally opposite experience. everything works. Everything is on a knob or fader. All plugin params come up on VPots, and the scribble strips are excellent.

Sorry I can’t be of more help