SSL Nucleus (Mackie Control) problem

There seems to be a problem with my Nucleus and Cubase 8 (I’ve updated from 6.5)
When I start Cubase 8, the Nucleus immediately adds fader 1 and 2, both auto named “stereo”. Even without opening a project or starting a new one…

The first fader controls nothing so far as I can hear and see.
The second “stereo” fader automatically controls the Cubase main level control (which I don’t want)

When I add a new channel, Nucleus ads a new fader BETWEEN channel 1 and 2…

Just Load Cubase 8 without even starting a new project is enough to reproduce this problem.

Yes, we had similar issues when C7.0.0 was released…I believe it was one or two maintenance releases later that we saw them fixed. I’m hoping the same will happen with C8.0.10

Same here !
First stéréo track is the default input track on VST connexion. Remove this track on VST connexion and now you have only 1 stereo track (it correspond on your output track on VST Connexion).

Steinberg, please fix asap this issue ! I don’t know why it wasn’t be controlled before the release of C8 ? MCU control is the basic and common protocol used by the majority of the users.


There is recognition of problems with Necleus and Cubase Pro 8 in the FAQ section on SSl’s website.
They don’t advise upgrading to Cubase Pro 8 if you use the nucleus at the moment. :frowning: