SSL Nucleus VS Euphonix MC Mix

I have 2 x Euphonix MC Mix. Due to some issues that has nothing with the units to do, I’ll be able to return the units and return what I paid.

Before I do that, I want to know if anybody have some advices regarding SSL Nucleus VS Euphonix MC Mix.
Which one do I choose if the cost doesn’t matter?


SSL Nucleus:
Euphonix MC Mix: Avid - Technology and tools that empower media creators

If it was up to me, I would go with the Nucleus. I don’t like the small foot print of the Euphonix MC Mix and their 8 fader controller. It looks more home studio to me. The Nucleus looks more pro, and on top of being a controller, it has SSL mic pre’s, and some controls that my Presonus Central Station has as well. I currently have the Mackie Controller Pro and Expander and am very happy with it. However the USB hook up did not work for me with Windows 7…XP it worked but not 7, so I used the midi cables instead, and it now works fine in Cubase.

Please read Gearslutz topic on the Nucleus, there are some complaints about the units.

I was doubting between these 2 also, I chose the Euphonix controllers and I’m happy with them. The MCControl and Mix are great to have next to my WK Audio Edit. They work good with the Windows drivers.

About the Nucleus: it’s very good built, and indeed looks very pro. Although the little Euphonix can look great in custumized furniture.

Thanks for replies :slight_smile: