SSL UC-1 issues with Output Busses

Hi Folks,

I just got a UC-1 and I noticed that it has a big issue dealing with the plug-ins (channel strip ands buss comp) being put on output buss channels. Basically with either plug-in, if you put even one instance of it on any other type of channel: Input, Audio, FX, Group Instrument…the 360 software which acts as an interface for the UC-1 hardware will lose connection to all similar plug-ins on output busses. this includes of course the Stereo master output buss.

An interesting similarity I noticed is that when using the side chain in Fab Filter ProQ3, the output busses are not offered to be used as sources.

It feels like the output busses exist on a discrete module. As such I’m not optimistic about SSL being able to solve this issue with VSTs. The work around is to simply use group channels before your output channels. This works fine but a bit cumbersome. Definitely need to make templates and presets.

I’ve had this issue confirmed by one other user on an SSL forum who was running Nuendo 11.4.1 on WIndows (I’m on Mac). It’s something to be aware of if you’re considering a UC-1. Using the work around, I love the UC-1.