SSL UF8 - cubase plugin control

I need some advice please. Just bought a SSL UF8 for myself. I got it integrated with Cubase without any issue.
When I use the plugin function using Plugin button, for the selected track, it straight away shows the plugin which is on insert one position. Using page 2 I can control the parameters ok.
However I cannot switch to other plugins (ie insert two and beyond positions). It always shows plugin at the first position.
Any advice please?

Thank you

Hi Harsha :wink:

As for what I have encountered is that you have to navigate back to page 1. The first Vpot is assigned to the insert slots and if you select a different one, say slot 2 and assign a plugin with Vpot 3 to it, you can then use the page key to get to the parameters of the plugin that you have selected.

Hopefully that helps a bit. Perhaps you might have guessed it yourself, since you posted the question a while ago.

Just out of curiousity: Have you noticed any issues with your UF8 regarding VST instruments. After I carefully selected the Midi CC that I want to use with UF 8 (selected in Midi Remote Editor), the data is not being recorded. Also it seems that with UF8 in the VST Instrumenst category (of the Vpots) only the Vpots are sending controller data. Conversely when flipped to the faders only note data in conjunction with varying pitchbend data is being recorded.

Have a nice one Harsha. :slight_smile:

All the best