SSL UF8 MIDI controller implementation to open insert plugin?

Is it possible to have an implementation for SSL UF8 midi controller to open the insert plugin windows as implemented on Protools and Logic?
I asked SSL technical support and they replied that the command must be implemented by Steinberg.


Yes please. I would love this feature as well.

Not sure in the SSL UF8 but I do that with the Behringer X-Touch, using the 8 Function (assignable) buttons.
Just create a new Generic Remote and program some (assignable) buttons in your controller and set them to VST Mixer, Selected, Ins.1…8 Edit.
Not ideal but works very good, in my case I never use more than 8 inserts per channel so I can open any of the first 8 plugins and start moving knobs.

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Hi Sonico, After months of trying to improve the compatibility of my X-Touch with Cubase 11, your post lit up my screen. Thanks for the tip. May I ask, have you been able to utilise the 8 buttons beneath the led display…Midi Tracks, Inputs, Audio Tracks etc. ?
If so tell!


I’am glad my post helped improving the compatibility of the x-touch for you.

Regarding the 1 to 8 buttons beneath the display, they are for changing channel visibility presets and I don’t use that function (I never create channel visibility presets) so I have number 1 assigned to open a VU meter that I have always inserted in the control room main output, and the others to some other functions like toggling the control room main output on/off, toggling the headphones output on/off, etc.

If you don’t use the visibility presets that buttons don’t do anything so you can assign them to whatever you want in the generic remote panel.
Just be sure not to use the shift+button 1 to 8 because they do the following:
-All channels: Hold down SHIFT and press button 1or button 8.
-Audio channels: Hold down SHIFT and press button 2.
-Groups: Hold down SHIFT and press button 3.
-FX channels: Hold down SHIFT and press button 4.
-Instrument channels: Hold down SHIFT and press button 5.
-MIDI channels: Hold down SHIFT and press button 6.
-I/O busses: Hold down SHIFT and press button 7.
And the shift+button 1 to 8 will launch the commands you have assigned to buttons 1 to 8 in the generic remote. I just don’t use the shift+button 1 to 8 combination to avoid that double function.
I hope it makes sense.
Not sure if you already did but I recommend reading the Cubase Remote Control Devices manual, lots of really useful information there.

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Also you can create several pages in the Generic Remote panel to assign the same keys to different functions.
I have one page for opening inserted plugins, another for drum sequencing (quantize, logical presets to humanize hi hats, snares, etc,), another for recording vocals (pre-roll on/off, duplicate track with no events macro, etc).
Then have buttons 7 and 8 to navigate thru those pages up and down.
If you think about it, your F1 to F8 become (not sure if there is a limit) infinite function triggers (including macros, logical presets, etc)

I did the same with SSL UF8 and it’s working.
It’s shame that Cubase cannot change/share same plugin window when switching from one channel to another like Pro Tools or Logic.

Could you tell me more about how you assigned a button/encoder to open and close plug-ins. I have my x-touch working really well thru the generic controller and Mackie assignment window in Cubase 11. But I just cannot find the action/function “Open/Close Editor” listed anywhere to assign a button/encoder to it. Cheers.

Sure, in the lower zone of the generic remote window choose “VST Mixer” in the device column, then “Selected” under channel/category , then Ins1…8 Edit under value/action.
Make sure you have 8 plugins inserted in one track before doing this process in order to see the insert slot option (it doesn’t matter what plugins, after selecting the option to edit the plugin slot every plugin you insert in that slot will open).
Hope this helps!!