SSL UF8 MIDI controller unable to access Kontakt in Cubase Pro 11?

Windows 10
Cubase Pro 11

Hi all

I’ve taken the leap and invested in a SSL UF8 MIDI controller but already beginning to regret it. as what I needed it mainly to do was to be able to write MIDI CC such as Expression and so on, and to be able to control some of the various features with in Kontakt librarys (supposedly hover mouse cursor over a knob and you can manipulate it using the big knob on the UF8.

The hover mouse cursor over a control works fine on insert effects such as FabFilter Pro Q and so on, but only seems to work on some but not all controls in VST Instruments, and not at all for Kontakt librarys.

Does anyone else own one of these units and had this issue, or found a work-around?