SSL UF8 with Cubase 13

I have been using the SSL UF8 with Cubase 12 with excellent results, but when I use Cubase 13 the UF8 does not appear to integrate/ work. The settings appear to have transferred correctly but the UF8 does not show
A very simple project with a single track as test works fine in 12 but if I open the same project in 13 the UF8 does not show the track or respond in any way

Am I missing something?


Are you on Mac or Windows? Do you see the SSL MIDI Ports? Are they assigned to the Mackie Control Device?

On Windows 11

Checking the Mackie allocation discovered that Mackie Control 2 was set to “Not Connected” – i.e. that did not transfer from 12 to 13

Now set to SSL Midi Port 1 and all is fine

Thank you for the pointer!