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Docs are up :wink:

Good move.

Now we can talk about the product before it is released.

Be vewwy vewwy quiet. It’s wabbit huntin’ season…,

What’s up, Docs?

I actually laughed out loud. :smiley:

Did you see this?

My favorite is:

19024 [Plug-ins] Roomworks plug-in stops working after a while (if very extreme parameter values are set).

Solution: Avoid using very extreme parameter values like e.g. Reverb Time = minimum / Room Size = maximum value.


And this may hurt:

11600 [Plug-ins] * Switching the ASIO / Core
Audio buffer size can cause a system
freeze when certain plug-ins (e.g. Waves
RVox) when the plug-ins are active but in
Bypass mode.

It’s recommended to set the ASIO buffer size
with no project loaded.

Does anybody know anything about this?

27682 [ASIO Devices] * Application may crash
when trying to access the Control Panel
of RME audio devices.
Please check the RME webseite for
driver/software component updates.

Unfortunately I run into this problem a lot in C5… very annoying to say the least.

Doctor: Does it hurt when you do this?
Patient: Yes
Doctor: Well, don’t that then!
(Groucho, I think)

Really? In other news, it turns out that the monetary system of the entire planet was but a delusion in the minds of a relatively small number of individuals which had as its entire motivation the quest for the justification of their own existence.