Stability and noise problems in Cubase 10

I’ve posted this before, but I thought I’d check once more to make sure I’m not dealing with a known problem. My system is Cubase 10 (10.0.60) on Win 10. My system is Intel i7, 2.5 GHz, 32 Gb ram. My video is dual monitors on an msi 1030 (old but adequate) My sound card is Fireface UC. I work almost entirely with virtual instruments, Orange Tree, Spitfire and East West primarily so I use a lot of ram for samples and it takes a while for Cubase to load.

Most of the time al is well, but there are two issues that are likely related:

  1. Every 2-3 hours the audio blows up. Playback is just noise. This happens suddenly. The workaround is to save, close Cubase and reopen the Project. This is tedious as it takes 10-15 minutes to reload, which messes up my creative flow.

  2. Loud noise spikes on playback every few seconds. Not obviously related to anything that’s happening.

I have no reason to think this is a problem with Cubase as nobody else (as far as I know) is seeing it. This suggests that it is peculiar to my system configuration, though everything else I run on it is 100% ok. I’m beginning to assume this is related to my Fireface.

Any help would be appreciated. Any support people from Steinberg have any ideas?