Stability & Crashes on ipad


Dorico on iPad hangs or crashes frequently when submenus are called.

Example: in the settings I want to change the language from German to English. When I select the language, Dorico freezes and only a restart helps.
Are these known problems ? Are there any solutions to this problem?

Best Frank

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Welcome to the forum, Frank. The drop-down menus in Dorico’s dialogs on iPad do sometimes do this. What you should find is that the first time you tap the menu expecting it to open, it highlights but does not open. Now tap on the background of the dialog, so that the menu is no longer highlighted. Now tap the menu a second time, and the menu should open.

This is certainly something we plan to fix. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Unfortunately the issue looks different as you describe it… As simple, there is no chance for a second tap. When you hit the Dropdown the first time the app immediately freezes and after 2 minutes the app crashes completely. Obviously other user experience the same issues. This behavior occurs everytime and is repeatable … no way sometimes … everytime… At the end of the day this is a severe softwarebug because several necessary system settings can‘t be applied, which means DORICO on iPad can‘t be used as meant and promised.
There are several Dropdowns e.g. Application settings which behave the same way.

BTW using a brandnew iPad 10.2 9th gen with the most recent IOS.

Best Frank

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Would you be so kind as to make a screen recording of this problem in action? If you have a Mac, you can connect your iPad via USB and then it will appear as a camera in QuickTime Player.

Do you have any accessibility or other non-default settings active on your iPad at present?

Hallo Steinberg-Team,
is there any progress on this issue?
I own an iPad 9th Gen 10,2" too and have the same problem. Dorico freeze immediatly after tipping on any dropdown menu. Leaving Dorico via Home Button and coming back to Dorico brings it back to live. However still no dropdown works.
Thanks Daniel

Welcome to the forum, Daniel. Which menus specifically are you having problems with? You should find that the situation is unchanged since my initial reply in this thread, i.e. that the second time you tap the menu it will appear.

Thanks for your welcome!
It’s literally every dropdown menu.
Tried it right now with “Layout Optionen” - “Seitengröße” changing Größe “A4”. After hitting “A4” Dorico freezes immediately. Same behaviour with every other dropdown in every category.
Hiiting nearby or twice has no effect.
Best regards

Many down freeze and crash the app.
For example, the drop-down in create time signature panel.

I’m using ipad 12.0 2021 with ios 16 beta

The issue with drop-down menus is that for whatever reason Dorico is unable to show them on the display (they may be opening out of view, we’re still not sure), but because the app thinks the menu is open, you can’t interact with anything else until the menu has been closed. However, because you can’t see the menu, you can’t tap on something in the menu to close it. As a workaround, begin the gesture that puts an app into a Split View (using the three dots at the top of the display), which will close the menu. You don’t need to complete the gesture: release the app again to full screen and you will continue to be able to interact with the app once more.

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@dspreadbury is there a fix on the way for this? I’m also on the ipados 16 beta and many of the menus and dropdowns don’t work :frowning:

“Welcome to the exciting world of beta-testing, where you can discover tomorrow’s problems today.”


Welcome to the forum, @steve_x. Yes, we do have a fix for the problem with combo boxes etc. in the various dialogs (e.g. things like the page size and rastral size in Layout Options) on the way in the next update.

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I think not using the pencil solves the problem. The pencil prevents the menu or screen to appear.