Stability in cubase5

Today i upgrade to halion4 from halion sonic. (downloaded 4hour… orz)

Great!!! very very cool~~!!
But It chached 3 times in 2hour…

1st chrash - i adjusted modulation matrix…

2nd chrash - i adjusted envelope(filter,pitch)…

3nd chrash- i adjusted sample loop feature…

2times occured cubase chrash. 1time only halion error …

do i have to upgrade C6? i don`t need C6…

if except this errors and add timestretch halion4 is excellent.
(i`m not interested various library as kontakt. just need sampling feature)

And questios How can i set default set up? i don`t like start up set.
And when i loaded audio sample , amplifier hearoom and pan mode already set to 12db ,-3db.
I want to change this value.

ps) H4 needs tutorial… H4 has a lot of features…
and my english is very very poor…(1 hour spent to write this post Orz)
manual is hard…

Hi mos81

I also upgraded from HS to H4 download was a few minutes. H4 is running rock solid stable not one crash or slow down.

H4 running fast, smooth, under cubase 5

not sure why your having so much problems but if i was to guess and it is only a guess, i would say that your AMD is not getting along with H4 for some reason.

maybe a clean install should solve the problem.

hope you get through


Hi novaburst

thanks to your reply.

1 week later almost disapper this error.


i was same situation when i installed halion sonic.

i think it is possibil your opinion.


i want steinberg check this situation .

and It is necessary tutorial about halion 4.

halion4`s new preset is fantastic

why didnt steinberg do that when make halion sonics preset?

velocity sample layer is more various. Oscillator`s feeling is more good too.

they tell used same engine i don`t know why feel diffrent.

You did a good job steinberg but some feature may have to fix.

timestretch and effect category`s visibility.

i don`t worry about third party.

i think halion4`s unique system already make discrimination with kontakt.

of course it`s better if have much library.

i want to talk to more opinion but i can`t more… cause my english is holy poor…

thank to read this post~