Stability WL 9.5 Pro versus Elements 9.5

I have both trial versions from 9.5 Pro and Elements.
To me it looks as if the Pro version 9.5 is more stable than the Elements 9.5, very strange maybe?

With Elements I had a crash already four times in two days, for example opening the preferences menu while playback a song, or opening Elements by opening a .mon file in Explorer. None of these problems with the Pro version, runs very stable to me, no crashes at all. Used the same plug ins in both versions.

Am I wrong?

I think it would be best to post the crash reports here on the forum for PG to analyze and say what the cause might be. I don’t know about PC but on Mac, the crash reports show up in this path:


You should see some crashes with WaveLab in the name.

That being said, there will be a new update coming in a few days so maybe try again after that.

Thanks, but I decided this weekend already to buy the upgrade from WL7 to WL 9.5 Pro. After uninstalling Elements there were no files left about crash reporting.

A wise decision :smiley:

Sometime this week there will be an update to 9.5 that addresses a few things, mainly a graphics issue for Mac users on HDPi high resolution screens.