Stable Eucon version?

3.2.2 is giving continual crashes. Should I roll back to 3.1 or even further?

I’ve had the best luck with EuControl ver. 3.0.1 with Cubase Pro 8, but with the last update (8.0.20)… Steinberg now requires that you run the latest version of EuControl, or the EuCon adapter will not engage! :smiling_imp:

I’m willing to bet that Nuendo 7 will also have the same requirement! :frowning:

That’s unfortunate for me because I’ve found that EuControl 3.2.2 is less flexible as far as features than EuControl 3.0.1, and as far as I’m concerned… just plain broken!

Also, I’ve noticed that if I close the project first, then power down the Artist Controllers, and finally close Cubase… EuControl will not crash, but your mileage may vary!