Stable Mac OS for Cubase 7

Upggrading to new 84 bit Mac Pro and Cubase 7. Which OS is most stable. And…is Cubase 7 still available for upgrading from Cubase 6 or do I have to jump to 8pro.

Aloha k,

I believe you meant ‘64 bit’ and if you are getting a new Mac pro,
it will come with Yosemite (OS 10.10.x) installed but if you do a Goog search
you will see that there are ways to ‘roll back’ to previous versions of the OS.

Personally (other than a niggling start-up prob, with C8)
I find C5.5/C6.5/C7.5 and C8Pro and Yosemite to be very stable.

Good Luck!

Yes 64bit. Thanks. What is a niggling start up problem. Has it been cured?

I got a 3.33gz 6 Core 2011 lease return from Unitek.Very clean. I went with Mavericks just to be safe. So far everything is okay except when I solo a track the send isn’t soloing with it. In Cubase 6 I could hit the control key on the solo button and it would turn into a D and all was well. Not with this version. Hope I can find out why.