Stable ruler format

I’d like to see the format of all the rulers in my project not to change without me telling Nuendo to do so.

I’ve got this template with several rulers which act as “section dividers” between the tracks for my different stems as well as locator-tracks where I can click in (or zoom from) in order to move Nuendo’s playhead.
I’ve got my Project’s Display Format set to Timecode, and I’ve also set all of my rulers to Timecode, saved this template and used it very often.
I can’t say when it started but now and then, when I open this template in order to start a new project, all of my rulers have been changed to “Bars and Beats” while my Project’s Display Format still shows Timecode…

How can I prevent this?
How can I set all of my rulers to the same value in 1 go?

Niek/ Amsterdam

Were you working in “Bars & Beats” before opening the template? Nuendo remembers the last working state, at least for the main ruler.

I, as well, would like the ruler style to be project-related.