Stable Working System Spec Please for cubase/reason rewired!

I need to know what system will be stable working with cubase 5.5.2 and reason 5.0.1 sequencing in cubase rewiring to reason as the sound module!

See my post here

to see my problem and why i need to know if anyone is doing this in a stable fashion cause my systems is being a shit!


AFAIK, any 32 bit system will do.

A friend of mine who uses Reason a lot could never get it to communicate with Cubase 5. Cubase SX 3, no problem. In frustration, he migrated to the new Studio whatever – the one written by former Steinberg employee’s. reason works perfectly with Studio, so it must be a Cubase problem. I’ve sent emails to Steinberg about this but apparently it’s not a priority for them