Staccato Bassoon

I’m trying to write a wind quartet. When I add a staccato mark to my bassoon part I get super low pedal tone that plays along with the bassoon. If I remove the staccato mark, the pedal tone goes away and i get legato bassoon.
I can’t figure it out.



Hi Ernie, it’s a problem with your expression map. That low note is a keyswitch that is incorrectly triggering an actual pitch instead of switching to a staccato patch.

Thanks Dan,
I’m very new to Dorica. Could you explain how to fix this? There are no other notes on the piano roll.
It happens with any instrument I put a staccato mark on. I’m using Dorico Elements Full and it only seems to allow me to use Halion SE.

figured it out. The volume for the key switch was set to 127