Staccato colliding with staff line

First time I encounter this:


If I select the staccato dot, there is nothing in the properties tab.
Is this editable?

I’m sure there is a reason why you want the articulations outside the slur… However, you can drag the dot (vertically) in Engrave.

The dot is a property of the note, not an independent item.
There are options for this in the Articulations section of the Properties panel (Cmd/Ctrl-8), mostly for flipping them notehead/stem side.
As @Janus said, you could also move them in Engrave mode.

Looking at your example, though, it seems something is configured wrong, since it should not collide with the staff line.

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Ok, now I see! It is indeed movable by dragging – no alt+arrow.
And the properties are not shown with the dot selected – but with the note.


Here if I ask for an articulation outside slurs, it’s slightly better, but certainly wrong:

The default is undoubtedly better

but less distance slur-notehead could be acceptable:

I prefer the last version, because I want the slur to have the same direction as the interval of the notes. But as you see in my screenshot, I have also worked on having the slur not coincide with the staff line:


So lots of manual labour…