Staccato not working in one bar on one instrument

I have a problem in one bar where violin I will not play staccato. Earlier in the piece it plays staccato OK but when it gets to this bar it just won’t. Violin II plays the staccato fine in this bar. I have reloaded the VST(halion sonic se) and it makes no difference. I have reloaded the expression map too and that made no difference. I have also deleted the notes and re input them but that made no difference either. It seems to be something wrong with just that bar. I also deleted the player and put a new one in and pasted the line back in but that did not work either.
Anyone have any ideas how to fix this problem??

If you could zip up and attach the project here, together with details of where the problem occurs, we should be able to help you pretty quickly.

How can I upload it?. I tried on my original post but zipping it doesn’t make it any smaller and when I try to upload it it says the file is too large. Even taking instruments off it doesn’t make it smaller.

Link to a 3rd party hosting, Google Drive, Apple, …

You should be able to download the Dorico file from this link. It is bar 43 that it is happening.

It’s the détaché marking at bar 20 that’s causing the problem. Unless you’ve set up mutual exclusion groups, staccato can’t cancel détaché.
Somebody more knowledgeable about Expression Maps will need to explain how to deal with mutual exclusion groups - they’re still outside my expertise.

The local solution is to insert a “nat” or “ord” Playing Technique where you want Dorico to cease playing détaché. This Playing Technique can be hidden locally or globally from the properties panel.

Saving a version of the project with the “Silence” playback template will make the file size much smaller.

Thanks. Sorted now.