Staccato on cello played back as pizzicato

Dorico v.1.0.10 seems to play staccato on violoncello instruments as pizzicato. Staccato on violin plays as arco staccato, as it should be

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open new score, add a violoncello part
  2. Input notes, some with staccato dots
  3. Start playback

The problem seems to come from a default patch inconsistency in Dorico/Halion. When I add a violin player and part, the patch loaded into Halion is Violin Solo Combi. But when I add a cello part, the patch is Violoncelli A Combi. When used with those default patches, the expression maps HSO Cello Solo and HSO Celli Combi have this problem. The action for Staccato is Key switch 22 127. HSO Violin Solo has that same key switch, but it plays back correctly. The problem is resolved if I switch the cello part to play using Violoncello Solo Combi patch in Halion.

I can’t reproduce this. If I create a Violincello instrument in Dorico and create some notes with staccato dots, and then watch the HALion window then I see it switch to the Spiccato samples, not the Pizzicato samples. Do you have a test project that reproduces this?

The Violoncelli A Combi has no Staccato patch, so has a Spiccato patch on the same KS (22)¨where Violincello Solo Combi has a Staccato. Maybe the latter should be loaded by default…

Some of the HSO patches and expression maps seem to use ‘staccato’ and ‘spiccato’ interchangeably.