Staccato on tied note (again)

I notice from previous posts that users are able to put a staccato marking on a tied note. But I can’t. Here, the staccato disappears when I instigate the tie:
Where am I going wrong?
(BTW, how do I get a Movavi clip to be inline with the post?)

This is not the behavior I am experiencing… Have you tried putting the staccato on the first b flat? Then in the properties you choose the position in the tie-chain (beginning/end).

Well, I’ll be blowed! I would never have expected that! - you’re right, of course, the staccato gets put on the tied-to note, despite being clicked on the first! Thanks!

Dorico treats tied notes as a single note “unit”. I can’t remember off the top of my head, but I suspect if you have 2 notes, and the 2nd has a staccato, it loses the staccato when you tie them because the 2nd then ceases to exist (it gets absorbed into the 1st note).

Articulations are placed either at the start or end of tie chains, depending on the articulation. You can change this on a per-note or project-wide basis.

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