Staccato outside slur distance


When the Engraving option “Articulations \ Position of Staccato […] \ Outside Slurs” is chosen, the staccato dot is often extremely close to the slur instead of being spaced further away. Is there any option that would give it a more reasonable distance without other accents moving too far away, and without needing manual adjustment?


You might try increasing ‘Gap between notehead and articulation’ a little bit, though of course that will also have a knock-on effect in some other circumstances.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks very much for the response. I tried that and it works fine when the articulations are placed at the beginning and ending of a slur but for unslurred notes the articulations are now too far from the notehead, so it doesn’t really work as a global setting. Any possibility of getting an engraving setting in a future version for “gap between articulation and slur” or something like that?


We’ll think about it, certainly. (But really you should just put your staccatos inside slurs like a good boy :slight_smile: )

Thanks! BTW, It is actually not for me - I always put my staccatos inside slurs as per Gould, but I was giving one of my professors Dorico training to help him make the switch from Finale and he wanted them outside the slurs. It surprised me a bit since I haven’t seen that before (he mostly works on commercial music / jazz arranging, he is a very well known jazz arranger actually), but it might be another classical vs. commercial thing that I hadn’t encountered yet.