Staccato/Tenuto Technique


I am working on a piece that uses the Staccato Tenuto technique and wish to asign it to a specific sound in my library. When I select the notes and assign them with the Staccato Tenuto symbol I see that in the playback lane the notes are set to Staccato. I have tried to add Staccato Tenuto in the expression map but the closest I can get is Portato/Loure which is pretty much what I think it should be. How do I get this to show in the Playing Techniques section of the playback lane? If I can get it in the playback lane then it’s an easy job of assigning the relevant Keyswitch.

Thanks in advance…

At the moment, Dorico inserts both the “pt.staccato” and “pt.tenuto” playback techniques when it encounters a staccato-tenuto articulation. I suspect that the “pt.tenuto” playback technique then ends up getting ignored because the two playback techniques are treated as mutually exclusive. I’ll talk to Paul about this because an obvious solution doesn’t present itself immediately: we need to treat it as both staccato and tenuto to produce the correct intrinsic (MIDI-based, e.g. note attack/duration/velocity) effect, but so far as I can see this isn’t any good for triggering a separate sound.

In order to trigger a dedicated articulation in a sound Library, having ‘Staccato + Tenuto’ as a technique in the Xmap will do…

Yes, of course you’re right, Frank. For some reason I had forgotten that you can define combinations of playback techniques in expression maps.

Thank you both for your help. I didn’t realise you could combine playback techniques. The technique lane still shows Staccato, although the contextual help window show quite clearly that it’s Staccato + Tenuto and I can assign the sound patch I want now. problem solved


Apologies, but I think I posted too soon. My key switch is still only reacting to Staccato. I’ve attached a screen shot showing the contextual help and another of the Xmap set up.I feel that I’m almost there…

It looks fine to me… How’s the mutual exclusion group?

EDIT: I see now that in your Xmap you have Stacatto + tenuto (mind the spelling Stacatto … how did you accomplish that :question: ) and Staccato… (!)
(In order to make this combined technique you first select staccato from the list of available techniques, then hold down ctrl while selecting tenuto from the list…)

Thank you Frank, that’s definately sorted it. For anyone with a similar issue reading this later - on a Mac, press command and you can link two techniques together. As to how I added badly spelled playing techniques: easy, you just select a good playing technique in the expression maps window, and add your own name in the Name field, in my case “Stacatto + Tenuto”. I see now why it didn’t work.

Thanks again, this forum is invaluable and the help is greatly appreciated.

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I have a similar question: why is there no non-legato (staccato tenuto) option in Playback options → Timing → Note durations? All other articulations are represented.
I feel like Dorico plays non-legato too short but I can’t change it…

Dorico currently treats notes with tenuto-staccato as having staccato alone. There’s no way to influence this at the moment.

That’s sad