Stack key switches and articulation dorico 3.1

Hey all
I was wandering if there is a way for stack articulations\ key switches in the expression maps.
I want to create an expression map with key switch name instead of articulation (say I want c-2 for legato – while slur won’t change anything) and later just hide them.
I need a way to be able to put on a note more than one key switch (say c-1 for legato and d#-1 for staccato; this whey I create a SFZ affect)
I noticed the dorico expression maps doesn’t allow for double key switch as Cubase dose (and even there it’s a pain to set up).
does anyone know of a workaround for this?

Add-ons will do what you want. But it’s hard to override Dorico’s inbuilt articulations.

Hello and thank you for your response…
Could you expend or add a link on the use of add on’s? I have never used them so i wouldn’t know whare to start…
Thank you!

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