Stacked audio takes: no sound

Hi all,

I’ve cut an audio file and distributed it on several lanes of the same audio track (before it was one long file containing 3 version of the intro 2 versions of the verse etc, now the 3 intro versions are stacked on top of each other, and so the verses etc).

Now, upon play back only the bottom lane is played, though if I mute that lane I would expect to hear the upper lane but no audio would play back.

I’m under the impression that this is an easy one to solve but I’m no expert :slight_smile:
Any clues?



Audio Events work differently, in comparison to MIDI Parts in this scenario. If you put them into the lanes, only one Audio Event is playing back. You can select the one by using the Comp tool. In your case, the selected one is Muted (grey). Therefore you don’t hear anything.

Thanks for your reply. I gather in these cases it’d be quicker to to simply create several audio tracks instead of using lanes + comp tool.

Thoughts ? :wink:


You can make tracks from lanes in Cubase.

That’s right. Make tracks from your original audio file, not lanes. Or first make lanes, then use the “make tracks from lanes” feature, as Martin points out.

Audio on lanes doesn’t get summed together (though I often want it to.)

Thank you all !