stacking multiple vsti

what are some options in cubase to have one midi track control many (6 or more) vstis ?

Currently I was arming record and recording all instruments tracks together or copy-pasting part, but this way kills my creative process.

I need to have just one midi part or track controlling multiple vsti.

Simply create instrument tracks for the instruments you’d like to stack. Then create a midi track and do "midi send"s to the instruments.

Thank you for quick reply.

Looks like it’s the best option,
even thou there are are only 4 midi sends and I need more than 5,
I guess I’ll create 2 midi tracks and do sends from both but this will require me copying midi parts from one midi track to the other

Yes, inserts and sends are pretty weak in Cubase. The number you can use has a fixed limit, and to make matters worse, it displays all of them regardless of whether they are in use or not. Other DAWs have no limit and only use screen space to show you the ones that are in use.

Can’t you cascade the sends? Not at DAW to verify, but have 3 Sends go to the Instrument Track’s VSTi’s and 1 to another MIDI Track, which can Send 3 to the VSTi and 1 to another MIDI Track - repeat as necessary.

I had the same thought. But it appears that you can’t send or route the destination of one midi track to another midi track. And, instrument tracks don’t have midi send.

That’s a silly limitation & I’ve never understood why we don’t have Sends on Instrument Tracks - sigh.

In that case this sounds like the perfect place to use a 3rd party virtual MIDI cable like LoopBe (search to see what is currently out there & working). If you route the output to a virtual cable then any other Track can use it as an input.

Cubase is cubase , has lots of complex advanced features but lacks many simple features

I’ve come to terms with this limitation over the years while using Cubase and I’ve learned to live with it.

So what I usually do is this. I create all instrument tracks and just copy the midi tracks to all of them. It’s not a whole lot of work and this also has a big advantage. You can make adjustments to each individual track and tailor them to do just that what you want them to do. :wink:

Have you tried shared copies?

Create a MIDI event on one VSTi and drag and drop them to the others while holding alt and shift I think.

True. In the meantime though, Raino’s suggestion works quite well. Send the midi to a virtual midi device (on a Mac you can use IAC). Then use that input for as many instrument tracks as you like.