Stacking tempo and text markings

I’m finding it a little annoying that text markings (in this case “solo” and “tutti”) collide with tempo markings — I can fix this in Engrave mode by dragging one above the other, of course, but am I missing something to automatically avoid the collision?

A semi-related question: is it possible to either insert a new-line into a tempo marking (like “Grandioso // a tempo”) or attach more than one tempo marking to a point in the score and get them to stack?

In both cases I would like the text to stack vertically.

Unfortunately at the moment, Shift+X text doesn’t avoid collisions with any other kinds of markings, including tempo markings. This will be addressed in the next update.

You cannot currently include carriage returns in tempo marks or dynamics, but we would certainly like to be able to support this and we’re thinking about how best to achieve it.

Thanks!! The updates so far have been great in resolving issues, looking forward to the next!