StackRecording/Subtracks withour Cycle - is that possible?

Hello Community,

since I don’t want to sing/play a part of a song in cycle,
but I’d like to record several takes of a part und decide later which part of them was the best,
is it possible to use subtracks without the cycle-function?

Thxs, best,


If you record on the same Audio Track multiple times each take will get its own Lane (not subtrack :wink: ). This is independent of if it was recorded in cycle mode or entirely different takes recorded on different days.

Okay, and what do you need to set up for that?
And how does it work with MIDI/Instrument-tracks?
Is the behavior for MIDI recordings different from audio recordings?
I tried this with an instrument track and after recording a new part was created on a sub-track and when playing back both sub-tracks are played simultaneously…
I’ve seen someone set up to record several different versions on one track, and then select which version to play from a drop-down menu.
How is that done?

Thxs, best,

Different for Audio & MIDI. You probably want to look at the details of the various Recording Modes in the Manual.