"Staff above" label/ Instrument change?

I need for two pages an extra staff at the top of the system (orchestral score, one system a page), because the narration text (which is above the system as text block in a text frame) needs to be spoken in the rhythm of the bass drum. It would be nice if I could create some kind of percussion single line and attach the words to it. How can I do this? I tried it with Staff Above, but that adds a staff to the full score. I tried it with Ossia above, but I cannot change its size to a 100 % size like the rest of the score, neither can I change it into a single line staff. Any suggestions?

Add an extra player at the top of the ensemble and use Hide Empty Staves to hide it except for the couple of pages where the narration occurs? I don’t think it will be very satisfactory, though.

I already paginated the full score, so using the Hide Empty Staved would change everything. I thought about using a percussion kind of notation here after reading about this in Behind Bars. But maybe it’s easier to aline the text to the correct bar positions and add an explanatory note at the left of these text blocks. Why make life more difficult :slight_smile: