Staff alignment messed up between Dorico Pro and Elements


I prepared a score for a choir with Dorico Pro (2) and sent it out in an (in my eyes perfect) layout.
While on tour now, the client asked me to change the text to another verse.
I did this in Dorico Elements (3).
Now my layout is messed up (see screenshot):

The horizontal alignment of my systems on the last page has changed.
Obviously using the Elements version of Dorico I can not correct this.
Is there a way to circumvent this limitation?
I would like the last page (vers 10) to have the same staff spacing as on the page before (vers 8).
Thank you for help.

You should be able to do it by changing the settings on the Vertical Spacing page of Layout Options, one way or another. Of course if you have already got some manual vertical spacing adjustments applied to any of the staves or systems in the project, you’re out of luck because these cannot be removed or edited in Dorico Elements.

Thank you Daniel,

I managed to get a sensible result by resetting vertical spacing to default and then tweaking the layout a little bit.