Staff Analysis to Auto Enter Chord Symbols?

Hello, I am very new to Dorico and I am in my 30 day trial period. I am evaluating Dorico as a former Finale user of several years.

In Finale, there is a staff analysis feature that can be used to identify and include the chord above the staff. And, even if the chord is not as you desire, it can be edited and replaced. Additionally, the chord is played during playback of the score.

Is this a function of Dorico? And, if not, what is the procedure for entering chord symbols? And, are they played back while listening to the score?

Thank you.

There’s no feature in Dorico to automatically add chord symbols as yet, though it’s something we may add in future. In the meantime, try this video for an introduction to how to input chord symbols, and check out the associated resources in the operation manual.

StaffPad does this in real time on a specific chord track.

StaffPad does this in real time on a specific chord track
for when in Dorico?

Hi, this feature is long awaited. When do you think it will be launched?

The development team never predicts when a feature will be implemented until it has been implemented and tested in the development build and the update is “imminent.” Often updates come as a surprise.