Staff-attached graphics?


Are staff-attached imported graphics planned for Dorico 3?

And I know this is a bit far-fetched and very specific, but still I dare ask - is there any chance of seeing fingering diagrams for woodwind instruments anytime in the future?


You can create your own Playing Technique with imported graphics. There are fonts for woodwind fingering: you could even create techniques for all these. (Or perhaps just use Text with a Paragraph Style for the font.)

I have been able to add ww fingering diagrams using this program and importing the diagram to my desktop where I can use the graphics editor in frames in the engrave mode to paste it into the score. Only problem is they don’t stick if you mess with the layout.!/clarinet/

benwiggy, I’ll look into that thanks.
As for importing diagrams as graphics, that relates to my original question regarding staff-attached (or note-attached) graphics. Currently imported graphics can only be used as graphics frames the positioning of which relate only to the page.

No, imported graphics can be used as Playing Techniques, as Ben has already said. Playing Techniques are attached to notes.