Staff barlines not appearing in cues

Staff barlines aren’t appearing in the cues, is this a bug or is it normal? Is it because all instruments have different time signatures?

Yes, I expect so. Dorico won’t show time signatures or barlines from the source instrument in the cue. If you’re using cue staves, i.e. ossias, then in theory you can create local time signatures as needed in those staves to match the original cue.

Thanks, Daniel! The cues feature works brilliantly!

I’m trying to filter time signatures to copy-paste them into the cue staff of the “percussion 1” layout. It works when I select and hold CTRL all the time signatures, but not with the filter. Am I missing something? I’ve attached the file.
How Time Passes (719 KB)

You can’t paste global time signatures as local ones, I’m afraid. You’ll need to recreate them in the cue staff.