Staff-crossing bug in Galley View

You may already be onto this, but in case not…

There seems to be a bug affecting spacing in Galley View where voices cross between staves. Hopefully, the two attached images will make this clear. The only difference between the two is that one note has been crossed onto the lower stave - but as a result the horizontal spacing has become compressed.

This doesn’t affect the spacing in page view.


I would assume you have the “Use optical spacing for beams between staves” option switched on, in which case this is an unfortunate and currently unavoidable side effect of using this option. If you’re inputting all of the music in galley view and then intend to do layout/formatting work later, you might find it less distracting to switch off the optical adjustment while you’re in the input phase of work, and then turn it back on later.

Thanks, Daniel - that solved the problem.