Staff filter bug

When navigating staves with the cursor, the cursor moves into the hidden staves and disappears. It also causes the screen position to move making for a very disorienting experience.


I’m not sure if it’s a bug but it is very annoying

Especially with larger scores it can be very disorienting. It would be very useful if it was possible to also extend the caret over filtered staves.

I find it interesting that if you’re navigating between staves (Edit: during Note Input, I think) using up/down arrows, it includes hidden staves but if you’re selecting multiple staves using Shift then it only includes the visible staves.

It is indeed not a bug that navigating the caret with an instrument filter active includes those staves (i.e. it is not the designed behaviour that it should do so), but I agree it’s unhelpful, and it’s something we do plan to change.